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SRRC Scholarship and Benevolence Fund:

SRRC is excited to announce the SRRC Scholarship & Benevolence Fund Committee now includes SRRC Community Outreach!   Our Committee will still support our annual SRRC Scholarship program, and we will now also look for additional opportunities for our membership to positively impact our communities.  In fact, this year we set- up a fun way for us to start, with our inaugural event:  a Pompano Beach Clean-Up!    We held this the night before our Spring Conference began, and invited anyone who would like to participate!  We have some twenty volunteers, and collected an estimated 100 pounds of trash off the beautiful section of the beach we walked.  It was the perfect way to start our Spring Conference, and give back something to the community.  We will be looking for new and different opportunities to impact our communities, and any ideas the membership may have are welcome!

SRRC Community Outreach, Scholarship and Benevolence Fund, is a charitable, tax-exempt, 501(c)(3) organization, that is dedicated to promoting the purpose of SRRC by highlighting educational opportunities in the relocation industry, and enhancing networking opportunities for members and partners of SRRC.  The SRRC Community Outrach, Scholarship and Benevolence Fund focuses its funding on assisting members in times of personal need, providing a pathway to a career, or continuing education in the relocation industry, as well as committing to local and regional causes that are significant to the members of SRRC.


2020-2021 Committee Chair: 

Roger Sorhagen

Committee Members:                                                                                                                                Shannon Greeley

Janet Turner


    SRRC and its Scholarship Fund are committed to serving the communities where we work.  As part of that commitment we have established a partial scholarship award program for residents of Florida. Scholarship instructions in documents listed below:


    SRRC is delighted to once again have the privilege of awarding two deserving young people with the 2019 SRRC Scholarship Award to assist them in their upcoming college pursuits. 

    • Valentina Herrero moved to Weston, Florida with her family after Hurricane Maria, a devasting category 5 storm, destroyed her family’s home in Puerto Rico in 2017.   Despite the separation she and her family endured as her father had to remain in Puerto Rico to continue his job responsibilities, Valentina has earned a 4.18 GPA at Cypress Bay High School,  while being active in a long list of extra-curricular activities, including serving as treasurer for the National Honors Society, Summer camp counselor, multiple missionary trips with her church, Latinos in Action, captain of the Varsity soccer team, and more.  She is planning to attend Florida International University in Miami, and intends to go into international business upon her graduation.
    • Click here for her video
    • Eszter Erdei spent her early life in Hungary, before moving to Texas then later to Florida, where she attends Cooper City High School in Plantation. Eszter explains how throwing herself into her life by engaging in many extracurricular activities helped with her transition.  Her list of volunteer activities is long, including her hobbies of dance and horseback riding.  She has been very engaged by her interest in law enforcement, where she has completed coursework at the Pembroke Pines Police Academy as well as the  FBI Youth Academy. Eszter has earned a 3.87 GPA in her studies, and plans to attend Florida International University, where she intends to continue her studies in law enforcement.

    We want to express our appreciation to the SRRC membership for their generosity in donations towards supporting this worthwhile initiative, impacting our community through encouraging the studies and lives of these incredible young people.

    ~ Mike Puckett, Chair of the SRRC Community Outreach Committee          


    The SRRC Benevolence Fund has been created to acknowledge the serious long-term illness/death of a member in good standing or their family (spouse, partner, children).  In the case of Board of Director members or former members, the acknowledgement will also consider parents.  A gift of flowers and a card will be sent, not to exceed $75.  Requests or inquiries are to be made to the SRRC Treasurer.


    This fund is established to help members in need, and the award will not exceed an amount established by the Committee.  Please complete the online application and forward it to the subcommittee chair.  It will be reviewed by the Committee for appropriateness. Requests or inquiries are to be made to the SRRC Treasurer. 

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